10 Web Design Tips to Boost Affiliate Sales for Your Blog

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February 9, 2023

Want more affiliate sales? Your web design can have a surprising impact. In this post, we'll share 10 web design tips to boost affiliate sales for your blog.

"The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don't have to invest the time and effort to create a product to sell." –Pat Flynn

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular online sales tactics which allow product owners and marketers to maximize the sales conversions with the help of other websites available in the same niche. 

As per Statista, the affiliate marketing expenditure in the US is expected to reach 8.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2022, which is a commendable rise from the previous years. Also, its believed to be the cheapest marketing technique with the sole motive to optimize E-commerce sales.

This might sound easy but it's extremely tricky. Want to know how? Let's explore the basics and then learn a few crucial web design principles which you can integrate into your blog to maximize affiliate sales.

What's Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the trick to maximize the sales for the products or services sold by others and earning rewards in return. Let's understand how it works with the help of an illustration:

Affiliate marketing can be a great technique to earn passive money but remember you have to survive in an overcrowded marketplace and hence cherry-pick your unique path to success. One of the most common ways leveraged by contemporary affiliate marketers is to build an impressive blog, craft fresh content, and grab the attention of quality leads which can't refuse their lucrative offers.

But this is not a child's play as designing an interactive custom blog to maximize affiliate sales is the task of an experienced website design and development company. These companies have a team of professional web programmers who knows the knack of creating a blog layout which has the potential to engender new leads for your affiliate marketing program.

Shaking hands with industry experts isn't enough in our opinion. In order to provide users with a seamless experience, you should also have a basic idea of the crucial web design principles which can convert your blog into an affiliate sales machine. Let's look at each one of them in detail:

1. Establish That You Are An Expert In Your Niche

You can't sell anything and everything. So, it's better to begin by explaining what niche you are in? Basically, your blog should be designed in a way to provide readers with a consistent experience. Also, it should be optimized for enhanced readability. For example, look at the page of a popular daily Gear Patrol:

Providing users with precise information and details they want can be your key to grab many new leads and nurture the existing ones. Discuss with the professionals and pick the most relevant fonts, writing style, tone, visuals, logos, etc.

Moreover, do not integrate free stock pictures but find some unique and original high-end images which can grab many eyeballs. Provide readers with informational and interesting content which can prove that you hold the expertise in the field which you are functioning.

2. Keep It Simple With Easy Navigational Structure & Intuitive Interface

Remember the design of your affiliate marketing blog must be quite simple. Also, you should pay attention to making it easily navigable so that readers won't lose their cool. Do not integrate too many elements just keep it minimal.

Moreover, you must guide your readers with what should they do next? Leverage techniques such as white space, concise menu, clear text, dividing long paragraphs into smaller sections with subheadings, highlighting the background, etc smartly. In order to understand it in a better manner let’s have a look at the landing page of a famous handmade jewelry brand Papazian Jewelry Display:

All these tricks will make your blog look picture perfect to the readers and they will definitely consider the affiliate products or services which you are trying to promote. Also, a clean layout can encourage more readers to visit your affiliate marketing and take it seriously.

3. Optimize The Landing Page & Integrate Relevant Product Pages To Endorse The Affiliate Offerings You Have Under One Roof

It's a well-established fact that nowadays users are extremely impatient and hence you have only a few seconds to grab their attention. It's a good idea to build a visually attractive landing page which is optimized with high-end visuals and videos. Also, incorporating an eye-catchy header image and impressive tagline can work wonders.

Make sure to incorporate robust CTAs and preview of your blog posts through snippets on your landing page to draw maximum readers and increasing website conversions. You can have a look at the result of research by Ascend2 showcased on Komarketing which depicts that increasing conversion rates is the topmost objective of a landing page optimization strategy.

Clearly, a well-designed landing page with testimonials from past clients and fresh content can drive maximum readers and trims down the bounce rate for your main page. A seamless landing page can be a magnet for grabbing quality leads and nurturing them down the funnel for getting converted.

4. Suggested Products Page With Reviews Smartly Integrated To Enhance The Readability

You can build a robust reputation and establish your brand image with the help of developing an interactive products page. This page will be an inspiration for your followers to convince them considering products or services outside of a blog post.

Have a look at the landing page of one of the most famous transport services provider Uber. The design is clear and the layout is appealing yet simple. The page is not looking messy and guide users in the right direction to take the desired action.

Moreover, you should master the knack of leverage product reviews for integrating affiliate links in an educational post. Also, make sure to keep the review personal which can act as an honest piece of advice for the people from your community.

5. Design & Showcase Visually Appealing & Intuitive Product Review Pages

In order to expand your affiliate marketing blog, it's mandatory to leverage your intelligence. This is why it’s important for you to have specific web pages designed to showcase relevant products which you deal with and write persuasive reviews for those items.

Have a look at how Capterra which is a popular software review platform showcase relevant details for a product on their web portal:

The web page is designed well with quality images and systematic description as well as reviews for the Salesforce software solution. Also, it has different categories in order to help users understand the product in a better manner. They have used appropriate colours and font size so that the visual consistency is maintained.

These tricks can help you in increasing awareness for your affiliate marketing blog. Also, high-end and real images of those products can help you in connecting with quality leads. Make sure to incorporate the product images from different angles so the visitors can easily get an idea of how it looks.

6. Integrate Social Media Buttons To Enhance The Reach Of Your Blog

Nowadays, the majority of users can be found on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So, it’s a good idea to integrate social media widgets with your portal in order to connect with many more visitors.

You can integrate social media sharing into your blog posts by just including a few buttons in the bottom of the content which will have various options for readers to share and subscribe to your blog as shown below. Also, the data available which tells about the total number of views and shares can boost your credibility and establish your image as an expert in the niche.

In addition to these buttons, you can also add a Twitter feed on your Homepage, leverage Instagram gallery, and let readers gain access through Facebook. This traffic which will come to your blog content from social media platforms can help you in building a sales pipeline and look after leads that are most likely to getting converted.

Easily accessible and sharable content can be the most powerful weapon in your affiliate marketing arsenal with which its easier to turn readers into leads and ultimately permanent customers. Also, try to interact with your reader base and make sure to answer their queries and respond to the comments they post on your blogs.

7. Optimize Your Blog For Maximum Speed & Integrate Appropriate Filters

Optimizing your blog for maximum speed is mandatory as a slow loading portal can be a major no-no for your readers. Also, make it easier for the readers to sift through your portal and find what they looking for quickly as well as easily. This can be done by integrating proper filters with which they can narrow down the results and get relevant outcomes promptly.

Providing visitors with easy search options can allow visitors easily get hold of what they are looking for? Also, the instant result gives them satisfaction and they think that you value their precious time and don’t want them to waste it.

8. Rely On Your Own Tailored Emailing Lists & Make Use Of Banner Ads

If you want to attain long-term success for affiliate selling then it's best to create your own mailing list. But be careful because it's a bad idea to bombard someone's inbox with several sales pitches the moment after they subscribed to your blog.

As per Businessesgrow, 47% of internet users have a preference for being communicated about products/services via email. Use it to your advantage and create custom emails to get in touch with different subscribers and fulfil their specific requirements.

You can use autoresponder tools like GetResponse which can help you in keeping in touch with all your subscribers. Also, you can leverage these tools to come up with tailored content which can be integrated into the emails for making them even more personal. Let subscribers give their feedback so that you can improvise your services.

9. Make Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Mobile-Friendly To Cater To A Diverse Reader Base

Keeping in mind the increased adoption of mobile devices you must make your blog mobile-friendly. A seamless mobile experience can hook the smartphone users and can be your first step to building a diverse reader base.

But make sure that your affiliate marketing blog has the capability to perform equally efficient on other platforms such as laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. Multi-platform functionality will give you an opportunity to grab more leads coming from different devices.

10. Exploit The Potential Of Data & Analyze Efficiently To Come Up With Useful Insights For Formulating Future Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Huge amounts of data get generated in every digital activity and therefore your affiliate marketing blog will also provide you with massive data. But remember this data can be useless if not analyzed properly. So, leverage your affiliate marketing program dashboard and Google Analytics for making this tedious task convenient.

Making sense of this data will help you in gaining an idea of who all are your visitors? Also, you can have a look at the duration for which these visitors are there on your portal and how many of them are getting converted?

All this information can be extremely useful in planning for which products or services you should go for. Also, it can improvise your future marketing strategies as you will be having an idea of what's in demand.

Designed correctly affiliate marketing blog can be rewarding and lucrative but a poor design approach can spoil your image. Make the portal interactive and tailored to suit specific needs and fix pain points for the targeted audience.

Mastering the art of crafting as well as showcasing quality content can help you in leading your readers all the way down the funnel and getting what they're actually looking for. Want to have a source of passive income? Try affiliate marketing and hire a professional to develop a blog design that can increase affiliate sales and boost your commissions.