[Dumb Question Friday] Book Launches, Social Media & Whatchamacallits

Mary Fernandez, Leonard Kim and John Lim take questions from live callers on the first ever “Dumb Question Friday” edition of the Persuasion Nation podcast.

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About today’s co-hosts…

Inc. Magazine named Leonard Kim a top Digital Youth Marketer. Red Letter Resumes named Leonard a top personal branding expert. Leonard is managing partner of InfluenceTree. At InfluenceTree, Leonard and his team teach you how to build your personal brand, get into publications and grow your social media following. Or if you don’t have the time, they do it all for you. Leonard’s content has been read well over 10 million times and he has amassed north of 250,000 social media followers. He has been profiled in Fortune, Inc., Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Fox News and more.

John Lim is an entrepreneur specializing in public speaking, high impact presentations, online courses and digital products. He is the co-author of the ‘Corporate Cliches‘ adult coloring book and has been featured in Inc. and Cracked. John is the executive producer and host of the podcast series, Moving Forward, which has reached listeners in over 50 countries. Through Moving Forward, John has spoken with some of today’s most prominent entrepreneurs, and now he teaches other entrepreneurs how to do the same by launching their own podcasts.


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Mary Fernandez is the founder of Persuasion Nation and the creator of Persuasion Education: a bootcamp to launch an online business from scratch. Learn more about her program here.

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