How to Persuade Online Course Buyers with Jedi Mind Tricks

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February 5, 2023

Maybe it's your first online course, or you're just lacking confidence when it comes to selling a course and teaching others your craft.

These are normal feelings. Imposter syndrome creeps in and grabs a hold. Even if we feel confident in our knowledge, sometimes it's just the change of scenery and the thought of teaching others in a group setting that gets our nerves up a little.

No matter what, there are tried and tested ways to persuade people in life. So if you want to persuade people to buy your course or you want to impress them once they are a student of yours, these Jedi mind tricks are sure to help you!

1. Be Confident

People are inspired by confident people. If you come across us unsure and you have an obvious lack of confidence in what you are teaching and the results your students can achieve, people may not be persuaded to buy from you.

You need to speak to your audience from a position of power and authority, and that comes across easily when you appear confident and unshakeable in your opinion.

2. Make Your Offer Limited

Using scarcity can be a very powerful form of persuasion. If you have an evergreen offer that never goes up in price and never ends, there is no urgency.

If you put a limit on the amount of students you take on, or you have a set number of sales until the price goes up, people won't want to miss out.

The key with using scarcity in your marketing however, is to make sure it's real. Don't fall into the trap of fake scarcity. It's disingenuous and downright unethical. 

3. Sell With Stories

The greatest sales people of all time have mastered the art of storytelling, and you should too. 

If you can tell a great story that provides evidence as to why someone should purchase from you, your conversion rate will skyrocket. The aim of storytelling, or storyselling as it's sometimes referred to, is to connect with your audience on a deeper level that allows them to fully understand the benefits of your offer. 

4. Ask the Right Questions

A great way to persuade people is to ask the right questions that drive people to tell you why they need your solution. 

So, rather than convincing someone they need your course on blogging, for example, you can ask them why they haven't yet launched their blog site. The chances are, the problems they reveal in their answer are actually going to be solved by taking your course.

In this instance, people are defining their own reason for needing your course, and they have actually ended up persuading themselves. 

5. Social Proof

Ultimately, people are more confident in buying from you if they can see others have done it, and succeeded with your method. 

If this is your first online course launch then you may not have any testimonials or reviews yet, but there are a few options to get around that. One is to demonstrate your own results, and the other option is to take on a small handful of people as "beta testers" and help them get some results.

Social proof helps convince people they are making the right decision, because others before them have already purchased. 

6. Offer Value First

If you're selling your course to a cold audience, it can be tough to get a good amount of sales early on. This is because your audience doesn't know, like or trust you. Yet.

Offering more value up-front with a free or low-ticket mini-course is a great way to tick all the boxes for your prospective customer.

You'll get the chance to impress them and gain their trust before selling your higher-priced course. Sure, it takes a little more work up front but in the long-run it will be well worth it.

Wrapping Up - Jedi Mind Tricks for Persuasion

These 6 Jedi mind tricks are really just basic principles of persuasion, and they should be par for the course for any info product creator.

And if we're being totally transparent here, you shouldn't need to "trick" anyone into buying your course. But the term Jedi mind trick is just too cool not to use, right?

We hope you got some great info out of this quick guide on how to persuade more people to buy your product.

Thanks for reading, until next time!