MailerLite Review : Why I Made the Switch [2023]

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July 23, 2023

Despite being relatively new in the world of email marketing, MailerLite has already become one of the best email marketing companies servicing more than 1 million users worldwide.

With its user-friendly interface and a wide range of powerful features, MailerLite empowers you to connect with your audience like never before. 

And let’s be real here. MailerLite has helped millions of people craft their eye-catching newsletters and segment the subscribers for targeted campaigns without breaking the bank.

So, without wasting any further time, allow me to share my personal insights on how MailerLite made me its fan within a month of use and research.

What Is MailerLite?


Before I explain why MailerLite is an exceptional marketing platform, let me dive into its history.

MailerLite is an email marketing company established in 2010 by William Nutt, and it started as a very simple marketing platform with some unique features. Its core focus from day one has always been to make life easy for marketers to plan and launch email campaigns.

However, the evolution over the past few years has been mind-blowing! 

MailerLite is no longer just a simple email marketing platform; it’s an all-in-one digital marketing arsenal. Users can create newsletters, marketing automation, pop-ups, landing pages, and a full website if needed.

 And in the new update, the developers have added even more features to the infrastructure to ensure that the users get the best of services.

MailerLite Review: Everything You Need To Know

Well, being very honest here, with the plethora of advanced features and user-friendly interface, MailerLite has become my go-to platform for crafting captivating email campaigns.

I've even been really enjoying the streamlined and clutter-free dashboard.

MailerLite Dashboard

Let's talk about the good and the bad when it comes to MailerLite.

MailerLite Pros

  • Straightforward Analytics
  • Great value for money
  • Customizable Campaigns
  • Easy to use

Mailer Lite Cons

  • Reported Below Average Customer Support (at times, even though I have had good support so far.)
  • Limited template options.
  • Outdated APIs

On the upside, Mailer Lite offers an exceptional user experience. The drag-and-drop editor allows me to design visually stunning emails without any coding knowledge. The extensive customization options enable me to edit all my emails to match my brand’s aesthetic. 

I also love the automation capabilities, as they save me time and effort by setting up personalized autoresponders and automated follow-up messages.

However, everything has its good and bad side; sadly, MailerLite has it too.

I have found the template section to be limited for people who are picky with their choices. While they have a decent variety, I sometimes wanted a little more to explore and choose from.

Their customer support also needs a lot of improvement. The biggest shocker was that MailerLite has no live chat option for customers who haven’t subscribed to the advanced plan (we will discuss the pricing later on).

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What Features Does MailerLite Offer?

Surprisingly, MailerLite has dozens of specialized features that can make any marketer or business owner’s life convenient.

MailerLite Features

Some of the MailerLite features include:

  • Campaigns
  • Forms
  • Subscribers
  • Marketing automation
  • Sites

And a lot more…

Here is a brief list of some of the most impressive features of MailerLite.

Campaign Builder

MailerLite Campaign Builder

The Campaign Builder in MailerLite is the backbone of your email marketing efforts. With its intuitive interface, you can easily create and customize email campaigns that captivate your audience. 

Mainly there are four types of campaigns: regular campaigns, RSS campaigns, A/B split campaigns, and, of course, Auto Resends. Depending on the subscription, the user can choose the campaign he wants to use for his business.

The best part? The Campaign Builder guides you through the entire process, allowing you to define your audience, craft engaging content, and set up automation triggers. This feature ensures your campaigns are well-structured, visually appealing, and designed to drive results.

Email Editor

MailerLite Email Drag and Drop Builder

The Email Editor is where your creativity truly comes to life. With MailerLite’s drag-and-drop functionality, you can effortlessly design stunning emails without putting in a lot of sweat. 

However, it would be unfair not to mention the two additional editors of MailerLite, namely Rich Text Editor and the HTML Editor. The rich text editor is mostly used by people who like the old-school UI, and the HTML editor is for geeks who love to round their way around the code and add some tweaks.

Still, if you are a newbie, I recommend you stick to drag and drop editor as it’s a great way to understand the Mailer lite email editing system.

Email Segmentation & Personalization

We all know that effective email marketing is about delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. 

Well, MailerLite understands this, which is why it offers powerful segmentation and personalization features. You can segment your subscriber list based on various criteria, such as demographics, behavior, and engagement levels. This enables you to send targeted campaigns to specific audience segments, maximizing relevance and engagement. 

Moreover, MailerLite lets you personalize your emails by dynamically inserting subscriber-specific information, such as their name or past purchase history. Its user-friendly search tab, where you can add specific filters to narrow down your audience even further, was a complete banger for me. 


MailerLite Templates

If you’re a professionally designed email templates-loving guy, MailerLite is definitely for you. 

It’s true that the site should work on providing more variety. Still, the fact that they provide a great starting point for your campaigns, saving you time and effort, cannot be ignored as well. 

The templates cover many purposes, from newsletters to promotional offers and event invitations. Each template is fully customizable, allowing you to personalize it with your content and branding. 


MailerLite Email Automation

Automation, for me, is a game-changer in email marketing, and MailerLite understands that by offering a huge set of automation features to streamline your workflows. 

However, if you’re new to automation, it will be one difficult leap toward understanding the proper use of conditions, triggers, and actions.

Generally, triggers are the actions that will start the automated workflow as set by the user. Actions are the steps that MailerLite will initiate right after the triggers are met, and finally;

Conditions are optional rules which are applied for some specific conditions. It is also referred to as branching logic.

You can create autoresponders triggered by specific subscriber actions or milestones, such as signing up or purchasing. Moreover, MailerLite’s automation capabilities extend to advanced scenarios, allowing you to set up complex workflows with conditional steps. 

Forms and Pop-ups 

MailerLite Email Automation

Capturing leads and growing your subscriber base is crucial for expanding your reach and generating business opportunities. MailerLite offers an array of form and pop-up options that make it easy to collect email addresses and other valuable information from your website visitors. 

You can create customizable forms and pop-ups that align with your brand’s aesthetic and add them to your website or landing pages. 

But that’s not it. MailerLite also understands the importance of conversation goals which is why it provides various form types, including embedded forms, pop-up forms, and landing page forms, giving you the flexibility to choose the most effective approach. 

List Management 

MailerLite offers comprehensive list management tools that empower you to easily segment, organize, and clean your lists. You can import contacts from various sources, create custom fields to capture specific information and monitor the growth and engagement of your lists. 

MailerLite also provides unsubscribe and bounce management features, ensuring compliance with anti-spam regulations and maintaining a clean and engaged subscriber base. 

You can access this feature from the subscriber’s toolkit, where dozens of other marketing tools exist. Simply head out to the segments section, and everything will now look more convenient.


Timing plays a crucial role in email marketing, and MailerLite allows you to schedule your campaigns for optimal delivery. With its scheduling feature, you can choose the date and time to send your emails, ensuring they reach your subscribers’ inboxes at the most opportune moments. 

This allows you to align your campaigns with your audience’s preferences and behaviors, increasing the chances of higher open and click-through rates. 

Landing Page Builder 

Seeing how smoothly users can build their website’s landing page with MailerLite, the landing page builder is a decent addition. 

The drag-and-drop editor enables you to build custom layouts, add compelling content, and incorporate call-to-action elements that drive conversions. 

Whether you want to promote a product, offer a lead magnet, or capture event registrations, MailerLite’s Landing Page Builder provides the necessary tools to create engaging and persuasive landing pages that seamlessly integrate with your email marketing efforts.

Website Builder 

MailerLite Website Landing Page Builder

MailerLite goes beyond email marketing by offering a website builder that allows you to create a professional website without any expertise in CSS or JS. 

The website builder provides a user-friendly interface where you can choose from various customizable templates and design elements to build a complete site. 

It empowers you to showcase your products, share your story, and engage with visitors, ultimately driving conversions and expanding your online presence.

However, it’s quite the same as the landing page builder exempting the site width options. I liked the website builder’s ability to publish password-protected content, which is admirable for a marketing platform.

But still, there is no way this website builder can compete with WordPress, Wix, or Shopify because, at the end of the day, MailerLite is still a marketing platform.

Image Builder 

If you want to master the art of catching your audience’s attention, understand the proper use of visual elements. 

I’ve seen that MailerLite’s Image Builder offers a user-friendly interface to create stunning visuals for your email campaigns. With a library of stock images and the ability to upload your own, you can easily add eye-catching visuals that complement your content. 

However, the editing capabilities are very restricted. MailerLite only provides users with basic editing features, allowing them to crop, resize, and enhance images. 


MailerLite Analytics

Measuring the success of your email marketing campaigns is essential for making data-driven decisions. MailerLite offers analytics that provides valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns. 

You can track key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to gauge the effectiveness of your emails. Moreover, MailerLite provides visual reports and graphs, allowing you to easily interpret the data and identify areas for improvement. 

How Much Does MailerLite Cost?

MailerLite offers four plans depending on the preference of the user: Free, Growing Business (from $9/month), Advanced (from $21/month), and Enterprise (custom quote).

MailerLite Pricing

Like any other email marketing service, you will get a discount for paying annually.

Let's explore some of the features of each MailerLite plan.

Free Plan

The free plan includes 12,000 monthly emails and is limited to 1 user only. It comes with all of the key features which we have mentioned (including drag and drop editor, email automation builder, forms and pop-ups, website builder, and can add 10 landing pages)

However, users must keep in mind that the free plan is only accessible to people who have less than 1,000 subscribers. If there are more than that, the user must opt for a different(paid) plan.

Growing Business - $9+ p/m

As it can be distinguished by its name, the growing business is more suitable for beginners. It’s an entry-level plan with all the free plan features plus unlimited email, 3 users at a time access, 24/7 email support, unlimited websites/blogs, dynamic aims, selling digital products, and the list continues.

Advanced Plan - $21+ p/m

The advanced plan is the big forward leap after the growing business that includes Facebook integration, HTML editor, the ability to add multiple triggers, automation, and more.

Honestly, if you are still in the starting phases of your business, I wouldn’t recommend you go for the advanced plan. Try to keep things balanced with your business and advance slowly as you make tiny profits.

Enterprise Plan - Custom Price

Finally, we have the enterprise plan, which is dedicated to entrepreneurs who have over 100k subscribers. An Enterprise plan gives you everything in the advanced plan, a dedicated success manager, super high usage limits, a custom landing page, and a newsletter design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does MailerLite handle list management?

A: MailerLite provides comprehensive list management tools. You can import and organize your subscriber lists, create custom fields, manage unsubscribes and bounces, and monitor the growth and engagement of your lists.

Q: Can I create forms and pop-ups with MailerLite?

A: Yes! MailerLite offers a variety of customizable forms and pop-ups that you can easily integrate into your website to capture leads and grow your subscriber base.

Q: Does MailerLite have a landing page builder?

A: Yes, MailerLite provides a user-friendly landing page builder that allows you to create visually stunning, conversion-focused landing pages without any coding knowledge.

Q: Can I build a website with MailerLite?

A: Yes, MailerLite offers a website builder that allows you to create a professional website without any technical expertise.

However, this website builder doesn't offer much variety when compared with Wix or WordPress, so it is better not to switch if you are already using them.

Q: Does MailerLite provide an image builder for email campaigns?

A: Yes, MailerLite offers an image builder where you can create and customize visually appealing images for your email campaigns. You can choose from a library of stock images or upload your own.

However, remember that the editing options in MailerLite are very limited. It is better to edit the image and then upload it ensuring it meets your needs.

Wrap Up

As we march onto the final moments of our review of MailerLite, let’s cover some final thoughts of wisdom.

MailerLite’s campaigns and automation toolkits are absolute knockout features. Especially the workflow builder, which is super advanced and flexible.

However, we should also remember that there is no such things as the PERFECT Email marketing software. No doubt, MailerLite is a great email marketing company, but it still does have some cons that I explained above.

And Finally, Campaign building, email editing, and segmentation from MailerLite are excellent. This is why I’d recommend MailerLite to any beginner planning to start their email marketing campaigns without breaking the bank.

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