[Podcast] How to Become a CreativeLive Instructor

How to Become a CreativeLive Instructor

Would you like to become a CreativeLive instructor? Teaching on the CreativeLive stage is a huge opportunity to grow your authority and build your audience, especially if you are a creative entrepreneur or a marketing expert. In this episode, Mei Pak shares how she got the opportunity to teach her own CreativeLive classes.

In this episode, I spoke with Mei Pak. Mei is a marketing strategist and the founder of Creative Hive Co., where she helps makers, artists and designers create more buzz for their business. She also runs Tiny Hands, a line of handmade, scented food jewelry, which sells in over a hundred stores across the US and has been featured on Parks and Recreation, The Chew, inTouch Magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, and on TV.

In fact, I first met Mei several years ago when I placed a custom order for a lemon bar necklace from her! Since then, Mei became an instructor for CreativeLive, a very popular online TV show which offers live streaming workshops taught by world-class experts.

I was really curious to learn how she was able to land this huge opportunity, so I sat down to talk with her, and of course I grilled her on all of the specifics. So if you would like to become a CreativeLive instructor, listen to this episode!

To learn more about Mei, visit Creative Hive Co. or check out her scented food jewelry line at Tiny Hands online.


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