[Podcast] How to Build a Strong Personal Brand

How to Build a Strong Personal Brand

Want to build a personal brand that grows your influence and your popularity?

A strong personal brand can help you get millions of views on your content and hundreds of thousands of followers… just like our guest, Leonard Kim.

In this episode, Leonard shares the simple steps you can take right now to start building a persuasive personal brand.

About Leonard Kim

Leonard Kim is the managing partner of InfluenceTree, where he and his team teach entrepreneurs how to build their personal brand.

Leonard’s content has been read well over 10 million times, and he has amassed north of 100,000 social media followers. He has been featured in Fortune, Inc. Forbes, Entrepreneur, GQ, The Huffington Post, and more. And today I asked him what is a personal brand, and what are the exact steps we need to take to grow our own.

To learn more about Leonard, visit LeonardKim.com.


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