Want to teach a group of 2K+ entrepreneurs?

You are invited to teach a live streaming class inside the Persuasion Nation Facebook group.

The Perks

Here’s what you get when you teach a Persuasion Nation live streaming class:

  • Get in front of a large audience of entrepreneurs.
  • Get hands-on experience presenting via live-streaming video.
  • Promote whatever you have going on at the end of your class.

Sound like a good deal?

Awesome! Go ahead to the next tab to learn more…

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good topics for Persuasion Nation?

Persuasion Nation is a group of solo entrepreneurs and bloggers who are looking to grow their audience, build an online business, and become known as the go-to experts in their niche. They range from complete newbies to advanced online marketers.

I created this group because I believe that many minds are better than one. We all have blindspots: areas where we can’t see what’s missing, but someone else with a different perspective can. And while I love to teach, I think that we can all learn something by putting our heads together and helping one another around our blindspots (myself included).

Persuasion Nation is a caring community of talented individuals who jump in to answer each other’s questions… just as if we were all in the same room, sitting around a table and masterminding together!

I encourage you to go ahead and join our Facebook group here if you haven’t done so already to get a feel for our community. You can click on the Events tab to view our past and upcoming classes.

Great topics include: blogging, social media, advertising, SEO, branding, public speaking, productivity, video marketing, book publishing… basically anything that can help our group to become more visible online and grow their business.

What is the format of a live-streaming class?

Your Facebook live class can be as long or as short as you want, however I highly recommend keeping it to 15-20 mins of content, and then taking questions. Attention span is pretty short these days, so keep it short, sweet and to the point.

If you’ve never used Facebook live before, you can learn about it here. You will need to use your smart phone with the Facebook app installed in order to live stream inside the Persuasion Nation group.

The format I recommend is having about 5-7 points prepared that you are going to cover, hit on each of your points, recap your points, and then offer to answer any questions.

(If you are looking for a really excellent example to follow, check out Chris Ducker’s periscopes. Slightly different platform, but very similar to FB live, and he has a great presentation style.)

Can I do an interview format?

No. There will not be someone to interview you.

However, if you would like to do a pure Q&A or AMA format (“Ask Me Anything about XYZ”), you are welcome to do so.

Can I link to my website?

Yes, you can absolutely link to your website, your landing page, or whatever you have going on that you would like to promote in the comments of your live streaming video!

Just don’t be spammy, sleazy or overly salesy… wait until the end of your class, or while you are waiting for questions to come in, to promote your offer and drop your link.

Remember: give us some incredible value first, and we’ll be thirsty for more!

How do viewers ask questions?

Those viewing your class live will be able to ask questions via the comments, and you will see the comments on your screen.

Note that there is about a 20 sec delay before you will see comments coming in. I recommend using a second device, like your computer, where you can refresh the screen to check for comments.

Your replay will be automatically available inside the group after you are finished streaming, so your class will continue to be viewed throughout the day and you might get more questions later on.

What if no one shows up live?

There are many reasons why you might experience a low number of live viewers on your Facebook live video. It’s not a reflection of you, so don’t freak out if that happens! Just go ahead and teach your class as if you had a packed house. Remember: the replay will be available forever inside the group.

However, there are ways to help prevent a low number of viewers. The best thing you can do is to promote your class for a few days leading up to your “go-live” date, both inside and outside the group.

Here are a few ideas for promoting your class:

  • Remind members that your class is coming up and how excited you are to teach the material. You can also link to your event, and ask them to RSVP for reminders.
  • Do a poll related to your topic.
  • Ask members to submit their questions beforehand.
  • Give a small “teaser tip” to give them a taste of what they’ll learn in the class.

If you do one of these ideas each day, you’ll have 4 days worth of social media posts to promote your class!

Should I be nervous?

Oh goodness no. Have fun with it!

Stuffy, corporate speak need to go “bye bye” at the door. That stuff doesn’t resonate with us. Use your own voice, and talk to us like a real-life person so we can connect with you on a personal level.

And don’t be afraid to flub up… Think of us as your cheerleaders. Whatever happens live, we will keep rooting you on!

What Our Members Say

“Mary’s group is not yet another community. I really enjoy the amazing presence here in the Persuasion Nation group. If you are a blogger, you’ll feel at home here! Keep it up, and wishing you all the best Mary Fernandez.”
–Philip Verghese Ariel, PVAriel.com

“Mary’s Persuasion Nation mastermind group is fast growing, interactive and full of ideas. It’s also a friendly place–you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Mary has taken a different approach to audience and influence building, and it works amazingly well. If you like the idea of thinking outside the box to get great results, you’ve come to the right place.”
–Kim Willis, Persuasion Pursuit

“After reading so many blogs for bloggers, I finally found this place where I get practical help to become a successful blogger. Mary is a genius, charming and a humble mentor. She makes you feel important and like a part of the family. It’s really thrilling to be a part of this community.”
–Rajkaran Singh, Onward Movement

“I’ve been a member of various groups and membership sites for bloggers only, and recently discovered Mary’s advice and her group… in less than 2 weeks using their ideas, I saw better results and more practical advice than in 6 months on other sites! It’s a very empathetic group and it feels good to be part of it.”
–Gonzalo Suarez, Gjsuap.com

“Mary’s Persuasion Nation mastermind group has been an incredible place to connect with the blogging community and learn from Mary herself! She’s so welcoming, encouraging, and approachable. I’m so happy I was able to become part of this community. Thanks, Mary!”
–Noelle Cook, Building Nurses

“I found when joining the Persuasion Nation Group that it is very interactive. Also, and most importantly, Mary Fernandez has a great message that is shared everyday. Nothing but value is added to the whole group and I am privileged to be part of it. Well done Mary and keep adding value to your tribe.”
–Tom Lawrence, TomDLawrence.com

Application Form
Think of your title like a headline: it needs to be enticing and benefit-driven. List-style headlines work well. E.g. "5 Steps to Landing Your First Speaking Gig" or "6 Steps to a Winning Facebook Ad". Or, if your class will cover the basics of a certain topic, you could do a headline like, "Email Marketing 101: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your List" or "The ABC's of a Powerful Personal Brand".
This will serve as a "teaser" and will be used in the description for your event. Tell us 3-5 things that we will learn from your class. Bullet points with a little suspense work best. E.g., "How to craft a guest post pitch that gets accepted with a heck, YES!" |"How to craft a strong headline." | "How to prove to the editor that you can really pull it off." | "The 4 common pitching mistakes to avoid AT ALL COSTS."
This will be used as the cover for your event. Large, horizontal photos work best.
Feel free to include your website URL.
Our members are from all over the world, so any time is fine. However, the best times are usually between 10AM - 2PM PST on week days.