GoHighLevel Pricing Plans: Worth The Cost? (2024)

GoHighLevel pricing plans

GoHighLevel pricing ranges from $97.00 monthly for the Starter plan to $497 for the Pro plan. Annual plans are also available that can save you up to $994 per year on the SaaS/Pro plan.

One thing I love about HighLevel is that each plan caters to different businesses at any level.

Now, don’t assume that any plan you choose is what your business needs.

You need to consider the features available for each plan and check if they align with your business.

For example, I recommend starting with the $97 Starter Plan if you own a small business.

The $297/month Unlimited Plan is best suited for growing businesses that require more comprehensive features, such as unlimited sub-accounts and branded desktop apps.

For larger enterprises or agencies looking to offer Software as a Service (SaaS), the Pro/White-label Plan at $497/month provides advanced features, including white-labeling and API access, making it the optimal choice for scaling your entire SaaS operations. Click here to demo and enjoy the white-label plan.

FeaturePricing Detail
Price (Monthly)from $97.00/month
Special OfferSave 20% annually 🔥 
Free Trial30-day free trial (special link)
Free Upgrade To Saas/White-LabelUse the code “khris92”
Money-Back GuaranteeNo
Payment MethodCredit Card

GoHighLevel Pricing – How Much Does GoHighLevel Cost?

GoHighLevel offers three main pricing plans that cater to different needs and scales of operation.

GoHighLevel Pricing plans
  • Starter Plan: This costs $97 per month. As I said earlier, you can get this plan if you are a small business. It provides access to core features to set your business operations on the right track.
  • Unlimited Plan: Priced at $297 per month, the Unlimited Plan is more like an upgrade of the Starter plan. It offers limitless features and the capability to handle unlimited sub-accounts. So, if your business operations increase, you may need to advance to the Unlimited Plan. That way, you can cover your operations without any hassle.
  • Pro/White-label Plan: The Pro Plan has advanced features and is priced at $497 monthly. Eventually, if you develop into a bigger agency, you must expand your operations. The Pro Plan is designed for larger agencies that require extensive tools and capabilities.

Pricing Overview

PlanCost (Monthly)Features
Starter$97Core features
Unlimited$297Unlimited sub-accounts
Pro$497Advanced features for SaaS/White-labelling

Now, let’s take a closer look at each plan.

GoHighLevel Starter Plan

The GoHighLevel Starter Plan is designed to offer essential tools to help you manage contacts and enhance your client interactions seamlessly.

Features of the Starter Plan

  • Unlimited Users: You can add as many users as you need to manage your tasks efficiently.
  • Unlimited Contacts: There’s no limit on the number of contacts you can include, allowing optimal scalability.
  • CRM Functionality: Centralize customer information and interactions with the comprehensive CRM system.
  • Funnel Builder: Create and manage funnels effectively to guide your leads through conversion.
  • Email Templates & Marketing: Utilize customizable email templates for consistent communication and execute email campaigns to nurture leads.
  • Social Media Scheduler: Organize and schedule your social media posts from within the platform.
  • Calendars & Appointments: Streamline scheduling by managing your calendars and setting up appointments directly with clients.
  • Additional Tools: Benefit from a website builder, pipelines, blogging, forms and surveys, smart webchat widgets, workflows, and more.

Ideal User Base for Starter Plan

  • Small Agencies and Startups: The Starter Plan is suitable if your operations require essential features without the complexity of more advanced plans.
  • First-Time CRM Users: This plan provides a solid foundation without overwhelming features for those new to using a CRM and email marketing platform.
  • Businesses Focused on Growth: The Starter Plan’s tools support your objectives of capturing more leads and nurturing them into customers.

GoHighLevel Unlimited Plans

The GoHighLevel Unlimited plan is an upgrade of the Starter Plan. Its features are designed to accommodate your growing business, and it costs a competitive $297 per month.

Features of the HighLevel Unlimited Plan

  • Agency Starter Inclusions: You get everything included in the Agency Starter plan.
  • API AccessIntegrate with anything: The plan offers API access for seamless integration with various systems and platforms to streamline your workflows.
  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts: Offer as many client accounts as you need under a single price point without additional costs. This feature is crucial for scalability and managing multiple clients efficiently.
  • Branded Desktop App: Present a professional image with a branded desktop app. Customize domains and control the platform’s look and feel, aligning it with your agency’s branding.

GoHighLevel Pro/Whitelabel Plan

The Pro Plan is exactly like the Unlimited Plan but with a white-label solution. It includes a White-Label Mobile App at an additional monthly cost of $497.

This premium tier allows you to:

  • Fully Brand the GoHighLevel Platform: Position yourself in the market with a fully customized and branded desktop and mobile app.
  • Set Your Own Prices: With the full freedom to choose pricing, you can tailor your services to your clients’ needs.
  • Customizable Feature Set: Craft tailor-made pricing plans that align with specific client needs, enhancing the value you deliver.
  • Limitless SaaS Reselling: Sell GoHighLevel as a Software as a Service offering without restrictions on the number of times you can do so.

By opting for the Agency Pro Plan with white-label capabilities, you can serve your clients with a professional, fully branded marketing and sales platform under your agency’s name.

GoHighLevel Services Pricing

In addition to the features of each plan, you can add add-on services to improve your GoHighLevel experience.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

LC-Phone Pricing

With the LC-Phone service, you can directly contact your clients via GoHighLevel. Instead of integrating a third party like Twillo, you can easily call your customers or send SMS messages.

The features of the LC-Phone service come at different prices:

  • Outbound SMS: $0.0079/segment
  • Outbound MMS: $0.0200/segment
  • Inbound SMS: $0.0079/segment
  • Inbound MMS: $ 0.0100/segment
  • Outbound Call: $0.0140/minute
  • Inbound Call: $0.0085/minute
  • Local Numbers: $1.15/month
  • Toll-Free Numbers: $2.15/month
  • Number validation: $0.005/validation

LC-Email Pricing

Instead of integrating third-party email software, you can use GoHighLevel’s built-in email service to send personalized emails to your contacts. This service costs $0.675/1000 emails.

LC-Premium Triggers and Actions Pricing

LC premium triggers and actions service accesses advanced automation features like linking workflows with third-party apps.

ContentAI Pricing

The ContentAI service creates engaging marketing copy for your sub-accounts using AI.

So, instead of thinking hard and spending time creating the perfect marketing copy for your business, you can easily use the power of AI to complete the task.

The best part about this service is that it is very quick. You can get copies within seconds.

ContentAI is free to use for the first 500 words. However, 1000 words cost $0.09.

Reviews AI Pricing

Still on artificial intelligence services, the Review AI service automates responses for each sub-account.

Automating the first three responses is free. However, you must pay $0.08 for each additional response.

GoHighLevel Add-On Pricing

The GoHighLevel Marketplace contains various add-ons you can add to your service. You can find the Marketplace in your account’s Agency view.

Basic and Advanced Account Setup

  • Basic Setup: This gives you a general account setup to start using GoHighLevel immediately. You will also have a one-hour onboarding call with a GoHighLevel expert to guide you. It costs a one-time fee of $300
  • Advanced Setup: This gives you a more personalized account setup. Additionally, you will have a five-hour consulting with a GoHighLevel expert on how to grow your business with the tool. The advanced setup option costs a one-time fee of $1000

Priority Support

This add-on gives you quick access to assistance from the support team. You don’t need to be put on hold when using the regular GoHighLevel support.

However, if you want very quick response to your queries ahead of others, it will cost you $300 monthly.

HIPAA Compliance

The HIPAA Compliance add-on is suitable for businesses with healthcare-related activities. Your account must have data protection and be HIPAA compliant.

This add-on costs $297 monthly or $2970 quarterly.

Eliza Agent

Eliza streamlines and nutures your leads, allowing you close deals efficiently. The Eliza Agent add-on is only suitable for agencies. It costs $500 monthly for the first five login accounts.

Additional login accounts costs $99 monthly. There is also a setup fee of $1000 or $2500.

White-Label Mobile App

This add-on white-labels your GoHighLevel mobile app. Although the Pro Plan comes with white-label options, it doesn’t extend to the app. Hence, you need to purchase the add-on, which has two options:

  • GoHighLevel white-label mobile app, which costs $497 monthly
  • GoHighLevel white-label mobile app and Zap, which costs $1,491 quarterly

By opting for the White-Label Mobile App service, you can offer your own branded app to clients, enhancing your agency’s professional presence.

Integrations with Zap

With Zap, integrate smoothly with over 1,000 web services, extending GoHighLevel’s functionality to fit into your existing workflows easily. However, Zap doesn’t work on the mobile app.

You have to purchase the add-on if you must integrate with Zap. This costs $50 monthly.

Is There a GoHighLevel Discount For You?

Yes. GoHighLevel offers a 16.6% discount for all pricing plans when you subscribe annually.

In addition, regardless of your chosen plan, you get to enjoy a 14-day free trial.

That is enough time to decide if you want a plan or want to switch to another one.

Which GoHighLevel Pricing Plan is Right for You?

As you consider the pricing plans offered by GoHighLevel, here’s how they align with different business models:

1. Agency Model

  • Unlimited Plan: Ideal for growing agencies managing multiple client accounts. Offers unlimited sub-accounts and advanced API access, allowing for seamless integration.

2. Small Business Owner

  • Starter Plan: Suitable for those who are new to GoHighLevel, offering essential features without overwhelming you with complex functionalities.

3. E-Commerce

  • Agency Pro Plan: Provides unlimited SaaS, a feature that can help an e-commerce business track and enhance their online presence and sales funnels effectively.

4. Sales Teams

  • Unlimited or Agency Pro Plan: These plans offer agent reporting and other advanced features that can benefit sales teams by providing detailed insights and analytics.

5. Freelancers

  • Basic Plan or Starter: For an individual freelancer, the Basic Plan might suffice. However, the Starter might be more appropriate with its extra features if you’re looking to scale.

Real-World Benefits

With the Unlimited Plan, your agency avoids needing multiple software subscriptions, reducing overall expenses.

Imagine consolidating your tool stack into one cost-effective solution.

Moreover, the White Label Mobile App can elevate your brand in clients’ eyes, as they use an app under your agency’s name, which can foster trust and retention.

Efficiency Gains

GoHighLevel’s integrated nature can lead to significant efficiency gains. For example, a single change to a client’s information updates across all your agency’s services instantly—no need to switch between platforms.

Is GoHighLevel Worth the Cost?

Your decision on GoHighLevel’s worth depends on how its features align with your agency’s size and needs.

The potential for cost savings, efficiency improvements, and enhanced client loyalty are worth considering when evaluating its plans.

The Starter plan costs $97 per month, offering a solid foundation for smaller businesses and startups, including the ability to set up multiple sub-accounts.

Opting for the Unlimited plan at $297 per month grants you access to more extensive features and client accounts, accommodating business growth.

If you require a branded mobile app solution, the White Label Mobile App plan can be added for an additional $497 per month. This selection brings your monthly total to $794, integrating advanced features and a personalized brand presence.

GoHighLevel also incentivizes long-term commitment. Paying annually can save you approximately 16.6% compared to monthly payments, translating to two free months. Here’s a simple breakdown:

PlanMonthly CostAnnual Equivalent (Approx.)
White Label Mobile App (Additional)$497$414.17

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current pricing tiers offered by GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel has three main pricing tiers: the Starter plan is available for $97 per month, the Unlimited plan is for $297 per month, and the Pro plan is for $497. An annual payment option provides a discount over the monthly rates.

Does GoHighLevel offer a white-label solution, and if so, what is its cost?

Yes, GoHighLevel offers a white-label solution which allows you to present the platform under your own branding. The white-label option costs $497.

How is pricing structured for GoHighLevel’s SaaS model?

GoHighLevel’s SaaS model pricing is structured as monthly or annual subscriptions, with the annual plans offering a discount compared to monthly payments. The platform provides scalable options depending on the size and needs of your agency.

Does GoHighLevel Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

No. GoHighLevel does not have a money-back guarantee. However, if you are not satisfied with the results during the 14-day trial, you can cancel immediately.

In other words, if you fail to cancel before the trial period is over, you will be debited for the full plan you paid for.

Can I Use GoHighLevel for Free?

Yes. But for only 14 days, you will be charged for the plan.

Are There any Special Pricing Plans for Bulk Email services within GoHighLevel?

You can use the LC-Email service to send bulk emails to your customers.

Are There Any Hidden GoHighLevel Pricing Fees?

There are no hidden fees. However, you pay additional fees when you purchase services or add-ons.

What Features are Included in the GoHighLevel $497 Plan?

The $497 plan, known as the Agency Pro plan, includes more advanced features and is designed for larger agencies. This plan often encompasses additional tools and greater customization and integration capabilities.

However, the exact feature list should be verified with the latest update from GoHighLevel to confirm what’s included.

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