Passive Income Powerhouses: Businesses That Run Themselves

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August 1, 2023

If you're also concerned over the late years of your life and want to start a hassle-free business, then you've found yourself the perfect guide.

However, before jumping into businesses that run themselves, it is important to understand your idea properly and know where you will be standing once you've brought that idea to a physical state.

A wise businessman would never jump into a business that he doesn't properly understand. So, understanding your goal is really important here.

Enough with talking already. Since discussing business, let's not waste our precious time and get things kicking.

What Are Businesses That Run Themselves

It's good to understand what the term "businesses that run themselves" actually means. Are they related to stocks? Is it about running restaurants? 

Well, to your surprise, it's none of that!

Businesses that run themselves are more of a job you don't have to do yourself. It's like letting the money work for you while you are simply doing… NOTHING! 

Don't get it? Allow me to clarify.

Just like Robert Kiyosaki has perfectly explained the formula of making money work for you in the real estate market. 

"The investor enjoys time with family, sleeps during the night hours; however, the money which has been invested keeps working and gets multiplied."

Businesses That Run Themselves

In other words, the method of making your ROI supercharged through a business without stressing yourself out is called a business running itself.

Now that we're done with understanding what a business is that runs itself, let's move on to why you should choose such a business and ignore other astounding options of the modern era.

Why Choose A Business That Runs Itself

While many people may say it's free money, why don't you just jump into it? A wise investor would always say; It's Passive Income.

The best way to become rich is by doing multiple jobs a day. That's what all of us have been taught since we were kids. 

Similarly, by investing in a business that runs itself, you can do other businesses or high-paying jobs. At the same time, there is a side business that you don't have to care a lot for.

By applying this strategy, many people have quadrupled their wealth within the timespan of a few years.

So, let's not keep the hype anymore and quickly move to some of the best businesses that run themselves. 

10 Businesses That Run Themselves

Running a business that practically runs itself is a dream come true for many entrepreneurs. Though it may sound impossible with the right business model and systems in place, it's possible to create passive income streams that require minimal maintenance time and effort. 

So, here are 10 businesses that can run themselves.

Online Businesses


Adding my favorite business on top, "Blogging." Although blogging can be a little hectic at the start, once things are done, this field can be a lucrative online business that generates passive income through advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing. 

By consistently creating high-quality content and optimizing it for search engines, a successful blog can attract a substantial audience and generate significant revenue, anywhere between 10-$40,000 monthly. 

Depending on the niche and monetization strategies, blogs can provide an estimated ROI ranging from 20% to over 100%.

It may seem daunting to start a blog initially but once you get the hang of it, it really is quite straight-forward.

Print on Demand Business

Operating a print-on-demand business allows you to sell custom-designed products without needing inventory or production facilities. Platforms like Shopify and Etsy enable entrepreneurs to create and promote their designs while handling order fulfillment and shipping. 

However, you must ensure that you have researched the use of automation tools and outsourcing tasks before blindly jumping into this field.

As for ROI, print on demand businesses can generate a passive income with an estimate of 15% to 50%.

Amazon FBA Business

Running an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) business involves sourcing products, sending them to Amazon's warehouses, and letting them handle storage, packaging, and shipping. This is probably the most popular Amazon business right now.

Through effective product selection, marketing, and utilizing Amazon's vast customer base, an FBA business can generate passive income. 

The estimated ROI varies greatly depending on the product and market conditions, typically ranging from 10% to 50%.

Ebook Business

Creating and selling ebooks is a great opportunity for passive income. Once written and published, ebooks can be sold indefinitely without inventory or physical distribution. Platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allow authors to reach a global audience and earn royalties on each sale.

Businesses That Run Themselves


If you don't consider yourself an exceptional writer, you can hire writers or even invest in low-content books to make a high basic income.

The estimated ROI for ebook businesses can range from 50% to 150%, depending on pricing, marketing efforts, and market demand.

Online Course Creator

Building and selling online courses is another great self-running business that can reward you. However, remember that it may not be a great long-term investment idea. 

How to start? 

Well, the idea is really simple. With e-learning platforms like Udemy and Teachable, you can create courses on virtually any topic and reach a wide audience.

The estimated ROI for online course businesses can vary significantly, but usually, it's around 20-40%.


Let's be honest here: we all wanted to run a Youtube channel at some stage in our lives.

This proves we all know that running a YouTube channel can be a rewarding business. However, we don't know that these channels can generate crazy revenue through brand partnerships and merchandise sales. Ad revenue doesnt do a lot these days…

The estimated ROI for YouTube channels depends on factors like monetization strategies, video views, and engagement levels.

Rental Businesses

Property Renting Business

Investing in rental properties is definitely a great idea with the potential for long-term passive income and capital appreciation. People with ample investment can generate rental income while property management companies handle day-to-day operations. 

The estimated ROI for rental properties typically includes rental yield and property value appreciation, with returns varying depending on location and market conditions.

Billboard Renting Business

Owning billboards and renting out advertising space to businesses can generate passive income. However, keep the point in mind that it's not a 100% passive income business.

I will only recommend this idea to people with a good sense of marketing and location selection.

There is no fixed ROI for billboard rental businesses as it depends on billboard placement, local demand, and advertiser contracts.

Truck Rental Business

You've seen loaded Volvo and Peterbilt trucks on the road, right? 

Businesses That Run Themselves

Well, not every person can afford to purchase a truck, so they rent a truck for one-time use. 

Similarly, you can use this opportunity to generate great income by leasing trucks to individuals and businesses. This business can provide consistent revenue streams with proper insurance coverage and effective fleet management. 

Physical Businesses

Vending Machines and ATMs

I know the idea sounds difficult to implement, but let me tell you a fact. We have all seen those vending machines in huge shopping malls, workplaces, schools, and sporting clubs. 

Businesses That Run Themselves

Well, many of these vending machines are owned by private individuals, and they get paid a certain amount of rent monthly.

Similarly, strategically placing machines in high-traffic locations and offering popular products can generate revenue with zero labor costs. 

And the best part, you don't have to be looking after the business all the time.'


Investing in a self-service laundromat business can also be a great way to generate high revenue without stressing yourself. However, remember that in comparison with other businesses, a laundromat business needs more investment and time.

You need to invest in good automatic washers, dryers, and great staff to ensure your business runs independently and smoothly.

The estimated ROI for laundromats can range from 20% to 50% or more, depending on factors such as location, equipment efficiency, and pricing. 

Junk Removal

If there's one thing for certain, it's that most people have way too much junk and clutter and they need to dispose of it somehow. This is why running a junk business has become a very lucrative opportunity, but it does take a little but of time and money to get things going.

You can work in this business yourself if you don't mind being hands-on, but there is also the opportunity to let this business run itself if you do it correctly.

You will need a truck and a trailer to get started, along with a small amount of staff to do the physical labor component of the junk business.

The most important part of running a business like this, however, is having your junk removal marketing and advertising strategy in place.

You can easily outsource everything for your junk removal business, making this business potentially quite hands-off in the long-run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online businesses the only ones that can run themselves?

No, businesses that run themselves can exist in various industries. Online businesses often offer greater automation opportunities. However, rental businesses like property or billboard rentals can also be structured to require minimal owner involvement.

How can I make my business more self-sufficient?

To make your business more self-sufficient, implement systems and processes that automate repetitive tasks, outsource non-core activities, and utilize technology effectively. You can also streamline operations by hiring capable staff and investing in scalable business models.

What are some examples of passive income streams in business?

Passive income streams can include revenue generated from activities like affiliate marketing, advertising, royalties from intellectual property (such as ebooks or online courses), rental income, and dividends from investments. 

These income streams often require an upfront effort but can continue to generate revenue with minimal ongoing involvement.

Can I start a self-running business with little capital?

Yes, it is possible to start a self-running business with limited capital, especially in online ventures. Low-cost options like blogging, affiliate marketing, or print-on-demand businesses allow entrepreneurs to start small and gradually scale up as profits increase. 

However, some businesses, such as rental properties, may require more significant upfront investment.

Final Thoughts

Now that we're done with talking about best businesses that run themselves, let's move onto some final thoughts of wisdom.

Before you move on to investing money, remember that making money while doing absolutely nothing is just a confusing dilemma.

Even in these businesses, you have to make a little effort to ensure your business runs smoothly and generates estimated revenue.