30-Day Course Creator: My Personal Experience & Review

Do you want to launch your profitable online course but need help figuring out where to start?

Well, the 30-Day Course Creator might be the best solution you need.

Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo, the masterminds behind the “30 Day Course Creator,” claim they can guide you through creating, launching, and scaling your course to six or even seven figures in a month. They’ve reportedly achieved this feat three times in 2020 alone.

However, such bold claims naturally raise questions and skepticism. This is why I have personally enrolled in their course and prepared a detailed 30-Day Course Creator Review to help you out. This article will be updated as I progress through the program.

So, without wasting any time, let’s see if the course lives up to its promises!

30-Day Course Creator Review

So, as for this review, it’s not easy to simply review an entire course in one hit. This program is huge, it covers 30 days of content obviously, but what I have done below is provide you with a brief summary of each module. As I continue to go through the course myself I will update this article regularly in real time, so depending on when you are reading this article you may want to join my email list and stay tuned for updates so you don’t miss out on any gold info!

Let’s get into the modules so you can see what it’s all about.

30-Day Course Creator Review

Millionaire Mindset

This is the starting stage module and helps learners develop a success-oriented mindset. It covers goal setting, time management, and the importance of focus and environment in achieving success.

7 Figure Foundations

The 7-Figure Foundation section delves into the business side of course creation. It covers market research, pricing strategies, understanding distribution channels, and setting up payment systems. It also explains the Minimum Viable Product Course (MVPC) concept.

Mapping Your Course

In course mapping, learners go through the course planning process. It includes selecting a target market, creating a differentiation statement, and deciding on an investment point. It also covers branding and pre-launch strategies.

Write Your Value Video

This section focuses on creating compelling video content. It teaches learners how to write irresistible hooks and master marketing copywriting.

Writing Ads

In the writing ads section, you will learn strategies for writing effective ads for various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It shares secrets to writing 7-figure ads and provides practical tips.

Shoot Your Videos

The Video Shoot section, similar to its name, offers practical advice on shooting professional videos. It covers gear recommendations, tips for using a teleprompter, and strategies for giving that professional touch to the videos.

Editing Videos

After the video shooting section, you will learn the basics of video editing. The video editing section includes software recommendations, workflow tips, and resources for creating animations and templates. It also provides tips to speed up the editing process.

Sales Funnel Setup

Before launching your course, it is important to understand the sales funnel setup. This will cover the domain setup, designing a customer portal, creating offers, and testing the setup. It also emphasizes the importance of building a sales funnel instead of a website.

Organic Pre-Launch

The module focuses on strategies for building interest and anticipation for a course launch. It covers building and using email lists, creating engaging social media posts, leveraging live streams, and partnering with others for a “Piggy-Back” pre-launch.

Facebook Ads – Launch Your First Campaign

This section provides a comprehensive guide to launching a Facebook ad campaign. It covers setting up a business manager, ad account, and pixel and also provides strategies for writing belief-building ads.

30-Day Course Creator Review

Facebook Ads – Scaling

After launching your first campaign, the course moves on to strategies for analyzing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), making data-driven decisions, and scaling Facebook ad campaigns. It also covers creating custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

Youtube Ads Training

The Youtube Ads Section provides an overview of YouTube advertising. It covers targeting strategies, campaign setup, and the relationship between ad spend and targeting.

Youtube Campaign Analysis

Similar to the previous module, the campaign analysis focuses on analyzing the performance of YouTube ad campaigns. It covers split testing and KPI analysis and provides a comprehensive guide to YouTube ads.

Course Scriptwriting & Structure

It is essential to understand the basic scripting and structuring of course content before you move on to launching an online course. The section covers different scripting approaches, structuring videos, determining ideal video length, and managing time while scripting.

Shooting Course Content

This module covers tips for shooting your course content and filming performance videos.

Editing Course Content

This section provides strategies for optimizing the editing process and outsourcing editing tasks. It offers tips to optimize your editing process and strategies for outsourcing editing.

Kajabi Course Creation

The Kajabi course creation section is dedicated to creating a course on the Kajabi platform. It covers customizing course themes and modules and provides a walkthrough of the Kajabi platform.

Client Communities

Client communication is one of the essential skills which will help you achieve the 7 Figure Income while selling your course. This section provides strategies for building and moderating Facebook groups for course participants. It covers creating a valuable Facebook community architecture and techniques for leading a thriving Facebook community.

Evergreen Course

This module provides strategies for transitioning a course from pre-sale to evergreen status. It covers the process of making a course available for purchase at any time.

Ultimate Sales Pages Guide

This section provides guidance on designing high-converting sales pages.

30-Day Course Creator Review

Ultimate Email Automation Guide

This module provides strategies for effective email marketing. It covers designing high-converting email automation and provides a proven email flow.

22-23. New Content Coming

These sections are reserved for future content updates, ensuring the course stays up-to-date with the latest strategies and techniques.

Youtube Channel Growth

To ensure users get maximum sales, it is essential to start and grow a YouTube channel. It covers reasons to start a YouTube channel and guides on choosing topics and structuring videos.

Building The Best Course

With all the basics done, you finally learn strategies for building a high-quality course. It covers overcoming obstacles, increasing sales with bonuses, and finding and landing partnerships for discounts and free stuff.

Upsells & Cross-Sells

This section focuses on providing strategies for creating effective upsells and cross-sells. It covers the do’s and don’ts of creating upsells and cross-sells and provides guidance on scripting upsell videos.

Strategic Partnerships

Forming and managing strategic partnerships also play an integral part when designing a course for high sales. The section covers ways to structure partnerships, cardinal rules for partnerships, and how to identify strong potential partners.

30-Day Course Creator Review

Systems & Leverage

This module focuses on creating and using business workflows and checklists. It covers the goal of systems and guides creating and using business workflows and checklists.

Hiring Your Team

As you move on to the final stages of the course, Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo teach you about deciding when to hire and choosing between contractors and W2 employees. The section covers the reasons for hiring and provides strategies for hiring as a last resort.

Building Wealth

Once done, the course will highlight and provide strategies for building wealth. This won’t just be a motivational talk or ending words. Paul Xavier briefly explains the principles of building wealth, tracking expenses, and investing course profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo can indeed help you design, launch and scale your own course. However, it is also imporant to remember that the course is more of a helping guide.

 With their amazing tips, you will also need to blend in alot of hardwork to ensure that your course can also secure thousands of sales within the first few few weeks of launch.

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