[Podcast] How to Plan a Photoshoot for Your Personal Brand

How to Plan a Photoshoot for Your Personal Brand

Do you need photos of yourself for your website? Smart entrepreneurs know that professional photos are a key ingredient for a persuasive personal brand. In this episode, Heidi Hapanowicz shares her process for planning a personal branding photoshoot.

In this episode, I spoke with Heidi Hapanowicz. Heidi is a good friend of mine, and one of the few photographers in the world today who not only knows how to take beautiful photos and professional headshots, but she is also well versed in personal branding. Photography for personal brands is a very new discipline, but it is growing very quickly as more and more entrepreneurs are discovering the power of having photos of yourself on your website.

What’s so fascinating to me is how much easier it is to sell your products and services when you put photos of yourself on your site. In fact, it’s probably the simplest thing that you can do to be more memorable, more likable and more persuasive.

However, it’s not always easy to put yourself out there like that, and unless you really know what you are doing it can be very difficult to get your photos to look the way you want and to give off the vibe and emotions that you want your brand to convey. So, I asked Heidi to give us some tips, and by the end of this episode you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and the resources that you need to really shine in your photoshoot.

To learn more from Heidi, join her Personal Branding Photography course or visit her website.


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