How to Design a Persuasive Sales Page

[Podcast] How to Design a Persuasive Sales Page

Do you need a sales page for your next launch?

Tackling your sales page can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be… you just need the right framework.

In this episode, Melissa Burkheimer shares the 7-piece framework she uses to design persuasive sales pages for 6- and 7-figure launches. She also explains why you don’t need a sales page when you are just starting out, and what you need instead.

About Melissa Burkheimer

Melissa produces premium sales page designs for 6- and 7-figure launches. Many of her clients you may have heard of, including Amy Porterfield, Kimra Luna and James Wedmore.

To learn more from Melissa, apply for her beta course on creating a sales page for your next launch, the easy way.

Free Downloads

Download Melissa’s free PDF guide, wireframe and 22 pieces of content to put inside your sales page here.


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